About Us

In response to clients with multiple barriers to employment and without access to the labor market, the Vanier Community Service Centre has launched the Gourmet-Xpress social enterprise, a free learning program in food preparation and customer service.

A Social Enterprise

Gourmet-Xpress is a non-profit catering business, as well as a social enterprise offering a food preparation and customer service practical experience for up to 12 weeks in the tourism and food industry. Its mandate is to offer participants the opportunity to gain practical skills in a commercial kitchen, including customer service, and to find and keep employment in their new field. With the skills acquired and the assistance of our job developers, candidates with employment barriers have an equal chance to develop their abilities and enter the job market.

Every order through our catering service directly contributes to the well-being of our community. Thank you for making this exceptional program a success.

"Gourmet Xpress did an excellent job with two lunches and a dinner for our International Symposium. The lunches were served in individual boxed portions which made things very easy for our delegates. Dinner on Friday was delicious; meat and vegetarian lasagnas, beautifully plated salad, rolls and butter. The portions were very generous! The driver, Fadi, was most pleasant and helpful and had all the meals to us ahead of time. We would definitely recommend Gourmet Xpress to anyone as they are easy to work with, reliable and the food is delicious!"   Carrie Olivo, Leading Note Foundation

Le Droit’s business section featured an article on Gourmet-Xpress earlier this year.

Our newest partner and contributor is Surgenor Automotive Group, not only did they sell us a new delivery vehicle at cost, they made a generous donation AND their promo team produced a great video about us: 


Note that Nick, the participant featured in the video, was since recruited for a permanent position with the program and is a proud member of the team. Having gained the essential skills required for the industry, he is now a great coach and mentor for our participants.