Our Story

In 2018, we celebrated our 10th anniversary as a non-profit catering service wholly dedicated to training vulnerable and handicapped persons so they can actively join the workforce.

Our Mission

Our business model—combining culinary expertise and budding talents with sound business principles—works to everyone’s benefit. On average, 70 to 80% of participants enrolled in the Gourmet-Xpress training program go on to become gainfully employed. As a business, we help boost regional employment levels. And clients like you get to enjoy what we do best: food!

Gourmet-Xpress is the brainchild of the Vanier Community Service Centre (VCSC), an organization known for its innovative programs and grassroots approach.

Program participants acquire hands-on work experience over an intensive three-month training period sharply focused on developing must-have skills for today’s workforce. Training takes place in a professional-grade commercial kitchen that upholds the highest standards of culinary excellence and work ethics.

Behind the Gourmet-Xpress social success story, there is a team of highly seasoned professionals and coaches expertly led by Executive Chef Justin Giroux. And they are backed by another strong VCSC team, the Employment Services unit which ensures participants get all the job-hunting tools and support they need to gain entry into the workforce.

A big part of our success as a social enterprise is also rooted in the support and involvement of community partners. You too can become a part of this success story. Just click to let us know you want to be involved.

“The idea of launching a social enterprise in 2008 was borne out of need. Ottawa’s catering and food service industry is among the 10 sectors with the highest demand for labour. And we knew that only 40% of persons with a disability were in the workforce compared to 70% of the rest of the population. We designed the Gourmet-Xpress training model in direct response to this double challenge and it’s working amazingly well.”
Michael McLellan Chairman

VCSC Board of Directors

Gourmet Xpress


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